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Upper Hill GIS sub-station, Nairobi-Kenya
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Upper Hill GIS sub-station, Nairobi-Kenya

Since the Government of Kenya has embarked on ensuring that all Kenyans are connected with electricity or making sure that production industries can enjoy effective and affordable power, the government has started upgrading existing power facilities and building new ones, Danaff was chosen among the companies to upgrade power facilities here in Capital city of Kenya, Nairobi and also will build two power facilities in the coastal city of Mombasa.

The company has established a good relationship with local construction industry and power distribution companies thus being given such opportunity to be part of economic mover in East Africa.

The Kenyan government project includes upgrade of Kenya Power and Lighting Company Substation in Upper Hill Nairobi and construction of two new sub-station in Mishomoroni and Jomvu in the coastal city of Mombasa, since then the upper Hill sub-station has been completed and operational.

These projects are worth US $ 4 Million. Danaff Kenya company is committed to help the local power industry upgrade to high end transmission and power generating facilities. This way the country can be able to power it ambitious blue print plan; vision2030.

These are modern Equipment installed by Danaff Kenya Company Limited. These are modern High end transformers, and automated control rooms helping the power company to improve efficiency in their power distribution to the residents of Upper Hill area, Nairobi

肯尼亚政府致力于让每家每户都能用上电,也让工业区可以享受高效且付得起的电能。在首都内罗毕,政府已开始更新现有的电能设施并建设新的电能设施。肯尼亚政府电力工程也为实现肯尼亚政府的 Vision 2030 工程。

肯尼亚政府电力工程也包括肯尼亚电能和灯光公司位于首都内罗毕高岭区(Upper Hill)的电站(Kenya Power and Lighting Company)  和两座位于蒙巴萨市的米修摩罗尼(Mishomoroni) 和玖母域(Jomyu)的新电站的建设。由达纳福肯尼亚有限公司修建的位于首都内罗毕高岭区的电站工程现已竣工。工程主要包括电站的主体建设和安装电站所需的现代化设施包括高效变电器,发电器等。该发电站发出的电将用于支持高岭区全区的电能。