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Thika Greens
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Thika Greens

Thika greens is one of the East and Central Africa largest up-coming golf city with modern facilities to cater for high class and the up-coming middle class Kenyans and foreigners who wish to own a home in the golf city.

Danaff Kenya company Limited was contracted to build roads around the golf course and the perimeter wall around the entire project, they have since completed and selling of the project for interested as commenced and the golf course has been opened to public.

锡卡绿园工程 (Thika Greens)是在东非和中非最大的在建高档高尔夫球社区。锡卡绿园工程集现代化的高尔夫球场设施,美丽的锡卡风景和高档住宅区于一体,打造高端高尔夫球社区。达纳福肯尼亚有限公司在锡卡绿园工程建设了该工程道路和围绕怎个高尔夫球城的围墙设施。锡卡绿地工程现已竣工并已对外销售。

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